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Our People

Our translators and interpreters are screened and tested in Bermuda to ensure that they are qualified to conduct translations and interpreting services to a high standard. In addition, our translators are background checked.


Any information made available to us about the client’s organization and its people will be held in strictest confidence and revealed only as authorized by the client in the course of conducting the assignment. Where necessary, we will provide the client with a quotation for the likely cost of the service.

We will conduct detailed discussions with the client/s concerning their requirements including but not limited to regulatory or legal purposes in order to develop the best solution.

  • Document Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Transcription Services - for meetings and conferences or certification for Government
  • Regulatory or legal purposes.

Source Research

This step identifies potential translators. In many cases, we retain interpreters and translators in Bermuda, but in the event of a specialized request, we will conduct a search for the best translator available. The same applies for special equipment that may be required. If necessary we will present the client with the profiles of the translators and/or arrange for staff to meet the client prior to the assignment.


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We undertake to return translated documents to the client within three working days, unless otherwise stipulated.

Translations will be reviewed by a second party and certified for accuracy.

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Our interpreters will be on hand for the length of your meeting and/or conference in Bermuda and around the world. In general, they will rotate, depending on the nature of the meeting or conference, in order to ensure the highest quality of work. 

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Tutoring Services

Importante! employs tutors in Bermuda who are expert in teaching a range of languages including French and Spanish. From students who need extra assistance or who want to enrich their school education to adults who want to visit or do business in countries around the world where English is not the first language, our tutors will develop the best curriculum and schedule to meet your needs.

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